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Specialist manufacturing

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Kenswell Tube Forming Inc. was established in 1986. Since our inception we have specialized in the manufacture of brake cables and hydraulic brake tubing.

Our advantages

Specialist technology

We specialize in manufacturing brake cables and hydraulic brake tubing, with our own advanced facilities and specialist technology. Our expertise can help you upgrade the quality of your products.

Highly experienced

Since the company was founded in 1986, Kenswell has always seen technology and experience as important assets. We have a wealth of experience in numerous industries, and can assist customers in developing various materials.

Customized products

We listen to your needs and propose appropriate solutions, combining our specialist skills and many years of experience to develop customized products that meet your demands.

Bicycle applications

Our brake cable casing materials (PE, POM, PBT, PVDF, etc.) are of outstanding quality yet
competitively priced. Working with well-known major bicycle manufacturers worldwide since
our inception, Kenswell control cables are widely used on bicycles.
Thanks to our products, end users are able to enjoy an even better user experience.

Auto and motorcycle applications

In the automotive and motorcycle arena, Kenswell uses its technological experience accumulated
over many years to develop high-quality brake line materials at competitive prices. We
understand the importance of hydraulic brake line materials in automobile and motorcycle
components and have long been assisting clients by supplying materials that fulfill their needs.
Our many years of experience in the industry can help you to improve your brake line materials.

Customized solutions

Kenswell is a specialist manufacturer of tubing materials. We have specialized technology and many years of experience in product development.
Our range of tubing products includes brake cable casings, hydraulic brake lines, reverse osmosis tubing, nylon tubing, fluorinated tubing, pneumatic tubing and other related materials.

High-quality tubing materials
Kenswell: Your trusted partner