Reflective trim(R4030)

‧ Safe
‧ Smart
‧ Convenient
‧ Easy D.I.Y. installation
‧ A range of colors available
‧ Attachable, detachable, reusable
‧ Protects cycle parts from dust and grime
‧ Protects cycle parts from dust and grime
‧ Make your own combination to suit your bike and individuality
‧ Increased reflective area makes you more visible to motorists for nighttime riding
‧ Just invented and patented, reflective coils can be applied to any bicycle spokes or cables for flashy looks and safety



‧ Size and length to order
‧ Suitable for: mini scooters, bike forks, seat posts, stems and more
‧ Easy to install

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Packing Details

‧ 200 pcs, 200pcs, 100 pcs ( units / ctn )